Salmon and Trout Tasmania Early Days

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Salmon and Trout Tasmania Early Days

Post by Ross Compe » Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:08 am

Australias first Trout hatchery was established in 1841 near Hobart and was named the Plenty Hatchery.
It was established in preparation for a shipment of eggs from Britain that unfortunately didn't survive the journey.
Salmon ova also failed in the attempt by Mr Boccius in 1852 to Van Diemens land.
In May 4 the first Brown Trout and May 5, 1864 the first Atlantic Salmon hatched at the Plenty Hatchery from eggs transported from Melbourne,Victoria.
The introduction of Trout first to Tasmania and then Victoria and New South Wales was followed by varieties such as Loch Leven,Rainbow,Sebago Trout and by Sockeye and Quinnat Salmon.
The most successful being Brown Trout.
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