Ballina Great White Shark Fatality

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Ballina Great White Shark Fatality

Post by Ross Compe » Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:47 am

Tragic news from the north coast of New South Wales at Ballina as another fatality has been attributed to a Great White Shark attack.
Media reports indicate increased numbers of sharks moving in close to shore often feeding on large bait shoals that migrate down the coast at this time of year.
Western Australia introduced a range of shark deterent measures at some of Perths more populated beaches after a series of attacks by some ocean predators.
Satelite tagging and monitoring,patrol boats,drum baiting and the eco netting was reintroduced amid a very vocal outcry from conservationists concerned about the impact on protected species such as White Pointer Sharks.
Statistics reproduced from the Department of Fisheries and published at my column 'Postcards from the Ledge' at the Metropolitan Topics were of interest to many.
No fatal attacks and no Great Whites taken on drum baits or netting.
As I recall over 100 Tiger Sharks were removed from the inshore coastline as the Department exercised its powers within legislation to protect public safety.
Rogue Sharks that were seen to be a threat to human life were pursued out to sea and the removal of an identified man eater as deemed necesarry.
As remote and isolated regions of our coastline become more populated and accessed by water enthusiasts so the level of community awareness and education about the dangers and perils of our oceans and rivers we as individuals must also take more responsibility in our activity.
Terrible tragedy and sorrow for all and one that given all precaution and planning is unlikely to prevent all attacks but lessons from the past and implementation of measures that are available is to be applauded.
Ross Compe
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