Got the boat out and caught a feed!!!

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Steve Ward
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Post by Steve Ward » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:19 am

Hey Rusty
you will put everybody of going out in a tinny :roll: .
We used to see heaps of pointers in and around the bay during the 80's-90's when windsurfing, made you stay on your board and not fall off i can tell you.
only a few more hours here and i am done. on the plane tomorrow. 2 days of watching movies and drinking bourbon to pass the time
Just looked at the weather for home, weekend looks average, but monday tuesday wensday looks realy good, so will be straight off the plane and out in the boat, you might need to work up some browny points at home so you can come out during the week
See you monday

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Post by woody » Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:51 am

Good work on the catch Pupsta, all the work is paying off mate.

Just on whites, Dad was out squidding same place as Rustys mate 2 weeks ago and saw a very large shark swim past his stern....certainly opened his eyes!!! Probaly same one...

Hey if this is to late before you go out east give me a buzz...Ive got something that we have used before sitting at Tyes place that would be very handy at Israelite in a 12 foot dinghy.

good luck, hope the beach isnt weeded up like it was last time we went out.


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Post by Pup » Mon Oct 06, 2008 12:02 am

Hey Fella's,

That's a bit of a spin out about the whites, but i guess there's plenty of them about that you dont know of.
Anyway, all went well at isy on the wkend, no white pointers spotted, but shit loads of whales, probably 15-20 of em and only about 20m off the beach! Got some good photo's but i left me phone at home so i cant put photo's up till next week now. :x
Unfortunatly no KG's to be found but not through lack of trying. Had the tinnie out all day Sat but only managed sand whiting & samon trout. The back beach was all weeded up so we thought we might try Bronzie Bay and managed to land a couple of gummies! we also lost a couple and i had a huge snap off, im guessing bronzie as it peeled heaps of line then bit through 80 pound trace! That'll teach me for not using wire leaders i guess. All this was on Friday night, so we thought we may as well have a go at the same spot on Sat night. We got there just before dark and ran a couple of shark baits out in the tinnie but unfortunatly nothing took it. The weather came in a bit rough for the first time of the wkend but we toughed it out for the night but with no success.

All in all it was a great wkend camping and fishing, fun 4x4ing and beer drinking and ended up with heaps of gummie fillets, which was more than anyone else caught out there from what people out there told us. Will put photo's up when i get back from work at the end of the week. Im just praying for good boat weather next wkend!!! If not i might have a crack at poison or something, havn't fished that yet.

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