Mulies Galore off Esperance!!!!

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Mulies Galore off Esperance!!!!

Post by rusty » Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:34 am

Mulies Galore off Esperance!!!!

Rusty's Fishing Reports from Esperance

Hi all,

It's good to sit here on a sunday morning with my ritual cup of coffee and peruse the various forum subjects, now we are shifted in to the new house i will start posting some pics again to give bob something to do aye Bob!

Big Sand Whiting, Leather Jackets, Goatfish
I took the big boat out yesterday along with my youngest son and his mate Steve Lithgo, both steve and Kriss were into the big sand whiting straight away, where as yours truelly seemed to be the lemon catcher for the 1st drift, the actual count down was the guys 21 large sand whiting average size is 320mm, and me 5 leather jackets including 4 hooks bitten off and 3 goatfish or as they are known here red mullet, next drift we got our decided limit of 80 sand whiting as the bag limit of 40 each is over board especially when i am the filleter, we scaled them in the scaling bag on the way back and my they are a great invention, saves on the mess at home.

Vast Schools of Mulies
As we came across the bay we encounted 3 vast schools of mulies approx 2 -3 acres in diameter, something was giving them heaps below as they were boiling up to the surface and you could see scales floating every where, the furuno colour sounder showed some big individuals under the schools but try as we did with lures of various shapes and colours no luck, the beauty of getting these big whiting is most times we are in by lunch and today was no exception all cleaned up and finished by 3pm.

Rod Racks
Today (sunday) i am off to bunnings to get a quanity of timber because i am going to line the sheds walls with shelves and rod racks, something i have promised to do for a long time, every thing in its own hole, one of my mates old keith has done his shed out magnificentley, mine will be the same!!!!

Anyways gotta go for now and pick up the timber and then do our last trip the dragon and i to condingup and pick up the last trailer load!
I live with fear sometimes she lets me go fishing!!!!!!!!

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Post by barra_on_fly » Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:43 am

Post some pics of the finished shed Rusty! Inside especially!

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Steve Ward
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Post by Steve Ward » Sun Jun 08, 2008 4:18 am

Hi Rusty
Good t here you have moved in and things are settling down,
I have been checking the weather for home for the last few days man it it has been nice, hope it holds out for when i get home.
Wil be good to get home and do some fishing, the first week home i have to go see my girls in melbourn , then after that will be flat out fishing if the weather is good, so you might have to have a sickie or two
One of rustys old reels he left behind from his kimberly days
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One of rustys old reels he left behind from the kimberly's

Post by Bob Fisher » Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:39 pm

Here's some of Rusty's Fishing Tackle!!!
Wardie wrote:One of Rusty's old reels he left behind from his kimberly days
That's a classic Steve!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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