Night Fishing at Dunns Rock Beach

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Night Fishing at Dunns Rock Beach

Post by rusty » Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:09 pm

went fishing a couple of nights ago with an old mate to Dunns rock beach,its mid way between the duke of orleans and esperance. hard to believe but first cast my mate got a salmon at 3pm in the arvo and that sort of set the evening, we caught and released a lot and kept a dozen for the smoker, also caught a dozen big bull herring, after dark the skippy moved in and so did a couple of big bronzies
we never had any wire and 60kg mono just kept getting blasted, and for bobs sake :shock: its good to get back into a bit of surf fishing, something i have not done untill the last year or so, not like the old days.Even cracked out the old 650c alvey and put some new line on it :lol: the old line was some platipus left over from the seventys aye :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
have just got my computer back and up and running so have not checked any mail at this end for a week and had to wait for 55 emails to down load, funny but about 30 were spam for viagra, maybe theres a message there aye! am waiting for a new wireless modem as the line speed here is very slow,I am going out in the big boat this weekend have just fueled the big girl up, man its expensive she took 291 litres, plus needed 10 litres of mercury oil all in all a expensive evening. anyways not much else to report at this stage, the weather has been rat---t mainly sth east 20 to 25 and swell at 2 to 3m on a 2 m sea so have not missed much, but saturday looks good on the back of this high as it cross's the bight will keep every one posted.

Bob Fisher
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Surf Fishing

Post by Bob Fisher » Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:22 pm

Rusty: Surf fishing for salmon, skippy, bull herring, bronzies...
Now I'm getting jealous....

:cry: :cry: :cry:

haven't done that in years

btw... Barra always says: "no pic, no proof"

Linc's looking after my Alveys for me (he's in Wallanbah, NSW)

(a couple of the classic 650 C3's and a 750 C3 and some of those fibreglass ones also)

mine probably still have the old Amilan line on it...

Any room in Esperance for another old fisherman?
Capt. Aussie Bob Fisher
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