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fishing question

Post by Williamhawk » Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:34 pm

Hi Everybody,

I got a basic questions and when i browse through sites i see some really nice fish being caught. Now this brings me to some very basic questions for you I hope you can answer. My family and I are very new to fishing we have come from outback Queensland in australia with no ocean in site. So now we moved to Townsville and everyone of us all love fishing but we say boating because most time never even get a bite. So here are some of my questions. I hope this don't open up a can of worms but we would truly like to learn.

How do I set up a line to troll?

What do you use as bait that you found works best in aus?

how do you set up the tackle on your line?

How is the easiest way to get bait as that you stuff you buy not real nice?

Please help.


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