Skipjack 24' - Finally up and running, well sort of...

Sportfish IV is a 1977 24' Skipjack currently being restored.

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Skipjack 24' - Finally up and running, well sort of...

Post by Bob Fisher » Tue May 23, 2006 1:22 am

It ran fine from the little red 3.3 gallon plastic tote tank. But when I changed the line over to the inbuilt tank she died again. If you go back many months you will remember that I managed to pump out most of the contaminated fuel (about 50 gals at that time). With the little fuel that was left in the bottom of the tank plus all of the additives plus pumping in about $80 worth of fresh stuff (probably about a 1/4 of a tanks worth) I thought we'd be alright. However there was still enough bad fuel left to destroy the water separating fuel filter, the fuel filter in the carb and clog the carb as well...After emptying about 5 gallons of crap into a plastic bucket and changing both the filters I just managed to limp back home to the dock. So now it's back to scratch. It was real fun while it lasted though...
It was a great feeling on Sunday at the helm of my boat. Finally in the water and running at last!
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Bob's Bad Gas!

Post by twmcdaniel » Tue May 23, 2006 12:36 pm

Typical, Bob and his bad gas... just ask his wife!!

No really, that sucks, guess you'll need to fully clean the gas tank somehow. Any ideas how you are going to do that? You could lay a fuse along the length of the floor and into the tank, then light it and run like hell. Make sure it's away from the house though! Also, make sure your insurance is up to date...

Looks good out on the water and soon it will be time for the salmon off the coast so you better get busy getting her fixed! Keep a running post of the pictures to keep those no longer around to help you out informed :cry:

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